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Winter Roofing Tips

  1. Pre-winter roof inspection. If your area is susceptible to winter storms of any kind, act ahead of time to ensure your roof makes it through harsh seasonal weather unscathed. Start with an inspection – look for leaks, stains, and cracks in exterior walls and check the ceiling and interior walls for signs of leaks and staining. When the rooftop is covered in snow and ice, it will be impossible to find leaks. 
  2. Gutter and downspouts. Your gutter and downspouts help shed water on your roof from rain as well as ice and snow. It is important to check for dirt, debris, and leaves that may have collected in the drains, scuppers, and gutters. Keeping an eye on this throughout the season will help avoid damages that are the result of blocked drainage.
  3. Trees and branches. Evaluate areas around your roof and gutter system for overhanging tree limbs/branches that potentially could cause a problem under certain weather conditions, i.e. snow, ice, strong winds. Trim back your trees. Trimming dead tree limbs, large branches or trees leaning toward house can prevent damage when bad weather arrives. The weight of snow or ice could result in branches or limbs falling onto house causing damage to roof.
  4. Check your attic to make sure that the vapor barrier of your insulation is facing downward. This will trap moisture and stop possible water problems.
  5. Invest in roof repairs as needed. Small problems in the fall can turn into big problems in the winter. It is best to enter the winter season with a strong, sturdy roof. If you maintain your roof properly throughout the year, you won’t have to worry about excessive repair costs.


There is a tendency for people to forget about their roofing system until there is a problem (leak noticed inside the home, missing shingles, etc.). Unfortunately, extensive damage can occur to the roofing system and decking which goes unnoticed until leaks appear. Being proactive and following the above tips can extend the life of your roof and save you money.

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